Lucy has run story and character development workshops for schools, libraries and museums across the UK, and has worked with book publishers to develop and present events at literary festivals.

School workshops are suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

If you would like to book Lucy for a workshop please contact Authors Aloud




A lovingly stitched, stuffed bear called Tiny lay lost on the ground waiting for his owner to come back and collect him. One day a little girl called Gwen saw him. She loved his scruffy jumper, wrinkled nose and raggedy ears which flopped over. Gwen asked her mother if she could keep him. Her mother said his owner would be missing him very much and they should help Tiny be found. Gwen carefully placed Tiny on the branch of a nearby tree. She hoped lots of people would see him as they walked by. Gwen didn’t know she had chosen a very special tree, a magical tree where adventures begin and stories are told. Come on everybody, Come with me. Let’s all go to the Storytelling Tree. Pick a leaf, Which story will it be? © The Storytelling Tree is available as an interactive storytelling workshop for performance at festivals, museums, schools and libraries. Suitable for children 2+

The Storytelling Tree

“Each session was subtly tailored to the individual year group to engage, challenge and inspire them. You brought a classic to life and made it accessible to Reception to Year 2 children. We all enjoyed your storytelling enormously – thank you!”- Head of Pre-Prep

Thank you for the amazing storytelling sessions”- Education Secretary & Trustee, Tolkien Society

Lucy is a talented, creative and a dedicated individual and we wouldn’t think twice about hiring her again. In fact we recently did just that at the Pop Up Festival of Stories where Lucy led an extremely busy Babar storytelling event with over 100 children. An absolute pleasure to work with, brilliant with young children and always with an energetic and amicable attitude”- Abrams & Chronicle Books